• Pomegranate has abundant moral in multi-culture and countries history. The Arabic name (Rumman) and the Jewish name (Rimon) are derived from the fruit of heaven, which contains a wealth of Thanksgiving culture. In the Christian, pomegranate symbolize the rebirth of Jesus, represents the prosperity of life.  In Israeli culture, pomegranate is a symbol of justice, 613 seeds are representatives of the 613 Jewish precepts; pomegranate is also symbol of rich. In Greek mythology, Athena is the goddess of war, wisdom and skills, as the protector of Athens, in her right hand holding a pomegranate, left hand holding a shield, pomegranate here means peace and harvest. Pomegranate flower is the national flower of Spanish. In China, pomegranate are also a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. The pomegranate flowers is the city flower of Xi'an, that blossom in the month of May. Lu Ji was a well-known writer and calligrapher of Jin Dynasty. In the letter to his brother Yun, he once wrote,“The respectable diplomat Zhang Qian of Han Dynasty,who has spent 18 years abroad to fulfill his mission, introduces pomegranates from Uzbekistan to China.


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