Patients communication co EyeControl raises $10m

Created on:2020-08-12 09:10


Israeli startup EyeControl, which has developed assistive communication devices for ventilated and "locked-in" patients, today announced it has closed a Series A round of funding and has won the Enhanced European Innovation Council’s (EIC) Covid-19 Pilot Program, securing over $10 million in combined funding.

EyeControl becomes the first Israeli company to be awarded both the European Commission’s (EC) Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase-2 program and the EIC Accelerator. The new funding will allow the company to grow by expanding its hospital activity and enhancing strategic partnerships.

EyeControl also announced that digital health entrepreneur, Avner Halperin, has been appointed as Chairman of its newly expanded Board of Directors.

The company’s investment round was led by Connecticut Innovations, with the participation of Benslie International Ltd, Clive Barret and Menomadin Foundation and existing investors including Benny Levin, Itsik Danziger, Jim Elkind, Avi Kornreich, Zora Ventures, Impact First and Rimonci Capital.

Covid-19 has fuelled the pre-existing need for a communication solution for ventilated patients in a medical facility environment. The company is piloting its medical device at hospitals treating patients with Covid-19, helping preserve lines of communication between ventilated patients and nurse stations outside quarantine.

The company was founded by CEO Or Retzkin and CTO Itai Kornberg.





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