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This forum is co-sponsored by Rimonci Capital, Aier AGVC, Alcon and MIC Medical Investor Club.  The top ophthalmologists,neurologist, management team from multi-national companies from China, Germany, and United States introduced neuro protection pathways and challenges in ophthalmology fields.

Professor LuBai, world known neurologist, showed us the neuroprotective effects of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) receptor TrkB agonists in a variety of in vitro cytological models such as hypoxia, neurotrophic deprivation, and acute glaucoma animal models.  At the same time, it has also been found that TrkB receptor agonists have potential transformational applications in obesity, central nervous system diseases, depression and other diseases.

Galimedix is Rimonci portfolio company.  The company’s small molecule GAL-101, delivers new patented small molecule compounds directly to the retina in the form of eye drops, which can inhibit the aggregation of toxic amyloid β (Aβ) oligomers to achieve protection of the optic nerve. Its application areas include degenerative diseases such as glaucoma, dry AMD, and Alzheimer's disease, which ultimately benefit patients by protecting, maintaining, and restoring nerve function.

Ms. Chen Huihui gave a speech titled " Commensal Microflora-induced T cell response to heat shock ".

This topic is her latest original achievement as the first author. It was published in the scientific journal "Nature Communications" (impact factor 12.353), which has caused significant repercussions in the international ophthalmology and neurology fields. The top immunology journal "Nature Review Immunology" (impact factor 41.982) conducted a special report on the results.

Dr. Chabi from Santen gave an overview of neuroprotection and listed examples of major therapeutic targets for ophthalmic diseases.   At the same time, in view of the mechanism of optic nerve protection, potential future opportunities and new technical directions are proposed.  she also pointed out the challenges and difficulties in the direction of neuroprotection, such as the problem of the permeability of topical drugs, and the characteristic that neurodegenerative disease is a complex multi-factor process. 

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