2019 Chinese Research Hospital Association Ophthalmology and Vision Science Innovation & Translation Summit

To promote the clinical translation and innovation of ophthalmology and vision science in China, and to integrate with the global industry e...

China Makes Changes to Device Regulations

CFDA announced yesterday that for the first time since 2014, a major overhaul of its medical device regulations has taken root.

China further simplifies procedures to approve imported drugs

CFDA said it has further simplified the examination and approval procedures for imported drugs. Under the reform measures, new drugs for rare and fatal diseases are able to directly submit their research filings overseas to the Chinese drug authorities for a quick pass.

Transforming FDA’s Approach to Digital Health, Speeches by FDA Officials

Digital health tools have vast potential improve our ability to accurately diagnose and treat disease. And to enhance the delivery of health...



6Over6, an Israeli startup,has raised $11 million from investors led by Rimonci Capital

6Over6, an Israeli startup that has developed an app that lets users perform their own eye-vision test for contact lenses or glasses, says it has raised $11 million from investors led by the Chinese venture capital fund Rimonci Capital.

Rimonci Tips of China Healthcare Market Vol. 01

Vision China 2017, aka, International Forum on the Innovation and Development of Vision Health was successfully held in Hangzhou, China from July 27 to July 30, 2017. Within this three and half days conference, there were over 3000 participants from China, America, Britain, Australia, Israel, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong, which includes top ophthalmologists, optometrists, entrepreneurs, investors and all the industry players.

Glaucoma treatment co BELKIN Laser raises $5m

The Israeli company’s laser device enables ophthalmologists to offer patients a 1-second effective and painless laser treatment.

Ophthalmic device company EyeYon Medical raises $6.5m

Israeli ophthalmic device co EyeYon Medical founded by ophthalmologists Dr. Arie Marcovich and Dr. Daphna Ofer, and managed by CEO Nahum Fer...