Rimonci Capital

Founded in 2016,Rimonci firmly focuses on vertical fields and engages ourselves in superbly operated VC mode. Its first fund —“Rimonci Global Vision Science Fund” centers around visual science including ophthalmology, optometry, and neuro-ophthalmology related fields mainly in America, Israel, European countries and Greater China regions. The field of visual science has huge potentials and is under exploration from pre-clinical, clinical and development stages as technology companies;  With the Vision of “For Better vision and insight”Closely integrating Medicare and IT, and under the in-depth industrial understanding, abundant operation and management experience and refined work schedule of the team, the Company follows the philosophy of “Consult, Connect and Conduct” to help and drive the portfolios to boom through the elaborately established industry ecosystem.  Through the operation of the dual-currency fund, Rimonci makes efforts to accelerate the activities of these investments, actively dock with the domestic market and industrial strength to make these investments enough fueled from China. While continuously engaging itself in the industry of visual science, Rimonci initiated the establishment of visual science incubator and enthusiastically promoted the clinical practices and transformation, along with global resources so as to contribute to visual science innovation in China. All the efforts here are a matter of exploring BRIGHT FUTURE. 


Focused on the specific field that can improve human life

Believe in deep technology innovation

Long term partnership with positive and knowledgeable people

Sustainable service to our ecosystem creates more

Detail and results oriented

Open to cooperate outside and willing to share inside


Global Visual science Innovation Fund(Stars)




Commercialize and accelerate business activities of potential China-fit visual science solution in China through industry Funds (Galaxy)and build up strong operation management

Visual science Incubator(Starlight Seed Fund)
• Innovation & Entrepreneurship Training
• Innovation Contest




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